Warhol Museum and Polaroid Plot Vegas Show


Photo giant Polaroid is opening a museum at its new Las Vegas flagship store, the Polaroid Photobar in the new retail mega-development The Linq, and its inaugural exhibition will feature 50 of Andy Warhol‘s celebrity Polaroid portraits, on loan from Pittsburgh’s Andy Warhol Museum. “A Polaroid Museum without Andy Warhol just wouldn’t be right,” Warren Struhl, the founder and CEO of the Polaroid Museum — which is due to open in March — said in a statement.

The museum will feature historic displays tracking the development of Polaroid technology and its growing prominence as a famous brand. Included will be objects, artworks, and vintage advertisements from the Polaroid Company Historical Collection, which is housed at MIT. The centerpiece of the Polaroid Museum’s inaugural display, however, will be “‘Capturing Celebrity’ presented by The Andy Warhol Museum,” which includes Warhol’s Polaroid portraits of everyone from Truman Capote and Yoko Ono to Dolly Parton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Muhammad Ali. The 50 pieces in the show are just a fraction of the 3,000 or so Polaroids in the Warhol Museum’s collection, which in turn is just a tiny percentage of Warhol’s entire Polaroid output. In addition to the photos, two of Warhol’s Polaroid cameras will be on display.

“The Andy Warhol Museum is very excited to collaborate with Polaroid on the ‘Capturing Celebrity’ exhibition at the soon-to-open Polaroid Museum,” Warhol Museum director Eric Shiner said in a statement. “Andy Warhol was rarely without his Polaroid camera. He was an innovator who used his Polaroid cameras as the basis for creating many of his artworks and for recording moments of his life from the 1960s through the 1980s. Using these iconic cameras, Warhol photographed Liza Minnelli, Halston, and others at Studio 54, documented his recovery from his 1968 shooting, and created sought-after celebrity portrait paintings and record covers for the Rolling Stones.”

Though it is due to open in March along with the rest of The Linq’s outdoor retail environment, the Polaroid Museum is also running an Indiegogo fundraising campaign, with a goal of $100,000 and rewards including VIP access, launch party tickets, lifetime memberships, limited-edition Polaroids and posters, and more.


— Benjamin Sutton (@bhsutton)

(Renderings courtesy Polaroid Museum Las Vegas. Via Indiegogo.)