Artifacts Stolen From Former Texas Governor Price Daniel’s Home Museum


The Jean and Price Daniel Home and Archives outside of Liberty, Texas — a home museum devoted to the former Texas governor Price Daniel, who held that office from 1957-63 — was broken into last week, resulting in the theft of priceless historical memorabilia and artifacts. According to the Houston Chronicle, museum officials are still working to determine what exactly has gone missing, but have confirmed that silverware, jewelry, a sword, a Native American headdress, and World War II items are gone.

Daniel originally constructed the building as a replica of the historical Texas governor’s mansion built in 1856, which has since become obscured from the public with tall fences. The Jean and Price house is now the closest experience the public can get to seeing the original mansion.

Though the Daniels didn’t live there, they used it as a guest home and filled it with prized possessions they collected over the years, including Daniel’s book collection, and gifts from other politicians. The Home and Archives also boast the largest collection of photographs of Sam Houston, the 19th century statesmen and Texas co-founder, who was Jean Daniel’s great-great grandfather.

Sometime between the evening of December 12 and the following morning, when the staff returned, the thief or thieves shattered a window to gain entrance into the home and took off with a whole mess of Texas booty. Snapshots from a security camera show a man mulling around the grounds, and police officials are eager to speak with him and anyone else who may have any information pertaining to the theft.

— Meredith Caraher (@Mereditheve)

(Image courtesy the Jean and Price Daniel House.)