Instagrams of the Art World: Holiday Cheer from New York to Seoul

The Art Production Fund‘s Yvonne Force Villareal was at NBC‘s studios, where she snapped this great picture of the tree at Rockefeller Center.

Now that the biennial is over, Performa founder RoseLee Goldberg is in snowy Moscow where she’s part of Garage Center‘s “First International Conference. Performance Art: Ethics in Action.” Here, courtesy of Performa via Moscow, is someone standing on a pole. Of course.


In a break from carousing in Miami, artist Natalie Frank captured Pace‘s Concetta Duncan in this beach-themed Hannukah display.

Auctioneer Simon de Pury has been capturing much holiday cheer across the pond. This pic of an elegant topiary with a hat and scarf is tagged “#george #mountstreet #london.”

The Yayoi Kusama show at David Zwirner, the backdrop of more selfies, probably, than any show ever, and which has caused lines to form around the block, suddenly seems like the most festive place. Here’s FITZ & CO’s Rebecca Taylor proving our point.

Photographer Ryan McGinley captured the snow in South Korea whilst engaging in some stealthy self-promotion.

Artist Jeannette Hayes posted this “#NSFW” holiday portrait she made.

This Santa has a penchant for Kenny Scharf donuts.

In some pre-holiday festivities, artist Dustin Yellin got decked out as a banana, pictured here with Mr. “Bananas” himself Woody Allen.

Gallerist Andrea Rosen and family were decorating “home made style,” glue guns and all.

Artist of exquisite diagrams Andrew Kuo posted this picture of Star Trek actor Patrick Stewart getting caught up in Christmas tree lights. One commenter read our minds: “Get it together Patrick Stewart.”

Here’s another great dose of quirky British holiday spirit from de Pury.

Some holiday-themed art by Jeff Koons at Art Basel in Miami Beach, captured by FITZ & CO’s Sara Fitzmaurice, out-holidays the holidays.

— Rozalia Jovanovic (@Ruschka)