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Top 10 Names for the Town Damien Hirst Is Building in England

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Because ringing the planet with spot paintings wasn’t enough, British wealthy person and artist Damien Hirst is planning to build a whole town from scratch in Devon, on a section of his Winsham Farm property. The planning application Hirst submitted to North Devon Council calls for 750 homes, a school, offices, sports fields, stores, and other trappings of a 3,000-person community, according to the Telegraph. But what to name this gloomy little hamlet? Alarmed residents of nearby Ilfracombe — who have to see his “Verity” sculpture every day — have already nicknamed the proposed town “Hirst-on-Sea,” but ARTINFO has come up with 10 more options.

— The Physical Impossibility of Community in the Mind of Someone Living in the Suburbs

— YBT (Young British Town)

— Hirstershire

— The Spot

— Town Without Life

— Pharmacyville

— Hirstwhile

— For the Love of Town

— Formalde-on-Hyde

— Beautiful Inside My House Forever

Think you can do better? Propose a name for Hirst’s town below in the comments!


(Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images.)

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  1. How about calling Hirst’s new town ‘Hirstego’ or ‘Sonofhirstego’?

  2. by Brooklyn Beguiled

    Lower Cocke-up; Upper Arseton

  3. Ha, Cleveland! Hirstego is also clever.

  4. by Jeremy Davison

    Damien Hirst is nothing more than a hype monster.

  5. Spin

  6. by Carolina Pizano

    NOVED for DEVON upside down. Novedoso in spanish means innovation. It will stand for : a new concept,a new beginning, a new srart, a new town a new everything.

  7. Whatever this washed-up has-been chooses to call his egomaniacal vanity project, it will of course be known as Ghost Town. Nobody will be stupid enough actually to live there.

  8. by Geoffrey James

    Damienopolis. Sharkton. Creepy Hollow.

  9. I always looked at your newsletters at Blouin / Artinfo as intelligent discourses on art news and trend setting info in our cultural world now all I get are artistically inclined assholes raving about bullshit and trying to make me believe it is all worth should rethink how to engage artists on an intellectual level in the future and focus from where you began. Time to nix your newsletter.. And who really cares what Hirst is doing, considering its all been done before.

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