2014 Hugo Boss Prize Finalists Announced


The finalists for the 2014 Hugo Boss Prize, which comes with a $100,000 purse and a solo show at the Guggenheim in New York, have been revealed in Carol Vogel’s Inside Art column for the New York Times on Thursday. They are: Hong Kong-born, New York-based conceptualist Paul Chan; Indian painter, sculptor and installation artist Sheela Gowda; French video artist and filmmaker Camille Henrot; Cairo-based, London-born Hassan Khan; and video artist-turned-filmmaker Steve McQueen.

The Hugo Boss Prize, which has been given out every two years since 1996, went to Danh Vo in 2012; in 2010 the victor was Hans-Peter Feldmann — who famous papered the walls of an entire Guggenheim gallery with his prize money, 100,000 $1-bills; and Emily Jacir won it in 2008. The inaugural Hugo Boss Prize went to Matthew Barney.

Next year’s winner will be announced in the fall of 2014, with a solo show slated for the spring of 2015.

— Benjamin Sutton (@bhsutton)

(Photo via Guggenheim/Facebook.)