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Case Involving Richard Prince Painting, Michael Ovitz, and Perry Rubenstein Comes to NY Court

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art-shipping-suitHong Kong corporation Art Advisory Limited filed suit yesterday in New York state court against Perry Rubenstein and his namesake Hollywood gallery, along with New York-based fine art shipping company Dietl International Services for the return of a painting by Richard Prince, which it claims it purchased and paid for. The suit claims among other things breach of contract, fraud, and conversion.

The dispute began on November 27, when Hollywood mogul Michael Ovitz, founder of Creative Artists Agency, sued Perry Rubenstein Gallery in a Los Angeles court for the improper sale of two Prince works owned by Ovitz, including the 1992 work “Nobody’s Home.”

In that complaint, Ovitz claimed that the Perry Rubenstein Gallery communicated to him that it had sold the 1992 work “Nobody’s Home” for an amount less than they had agreed upon, and that the gallery had not given the collector his share of the deal.

Ovitz also claimed the gallery had failed to pay him the proceeds on a second work, “Untitled (de Kooning)” (2006), which it sold in May. In that case, Ovitz sought the return of the works as well as unspecified compensatory and punitive damages.

In the New York case, the plaintiff contends that it bought the painting in October from Perry Rubenstein Gallery for $475,000, that the painting was fully paid for on November 7, and on November 8, it paid for the cost of shipping the painting to New York. The shipping company, defendant Dietl International, is currently holding the painting.

The plaintiff contends that it is a “good faith purchaser” of the painting and that Perry Rubenstein Gallery has instructed the shippers not to hand over the painting, thereby preventing plaintiff from taking possession of it, claiming that there are competing claims for its ownership (as in the claim by Ovitz).

Ovitz, a notable collector who has acquired works by Pablo Picasso, Jasper Johns, and Mark Rothko, claimed in his suit that the gallery agreed not to sell the painting for less than $575,000, and that the sale at the “deeply discounted price” hurt the work’s value.

As for why the plaintiff chose to sue Dietl International in a New York court when the shipping company has a Los Angeles office, and the other two defendants are Los-Angeles-based, Richard Golub, plaintiff’s attorney, had no comment.

— Rozalia Jovanovic (@Ruschka)

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  1. Perry has no money.
    He steals fro. His artists and the coolectors a d dealers he cons into giving him work which he the sell for a too good to be true bargain, keep the money and doesn’t call back the people who trusted him with their art. This person should be behind bars. They have gotten away with it for thirty years. Hopefully obits and golub can sue hike and his idiot wife Sara Fitzmaurice into bankruptcy sothbeys get what they deserve.

  2. by Screwed By Perry

    Perry and his no good wife Sara Fitzmaurice are con artists. They are wanna bees living beyond their means and stealing money from everyone and now they are getting caught. They will do any legal move to screw people. Perry now, Sara next. I truly hope her and her little PR firm reads this

  3. by screw perry and sara

    Agree with everything stated above! These two people are crooks! Their announcement of a divorce today though is not a shock can be seen as one, as these two horrible unethical people deserve themselves. They have taken/stolen money from people who have trusted them. Sara took an intelligent decision to separate her assets from Perry before even the decision for a divorce. She knew that everyone was soon going to find out their true colours. What now you leave your husband or soon to be ex husband of 17 years with nothing to pay back to the people he ows/ you owe or, you just running away with that. Be a bigger person SARA & PERRY admit to what you did and your dirty cons. Find the money and pay back!
    Anyway to any potential clients of theres just keep track don’t trust these people!

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