Hacker Reveals Bill Clinton’s Presidential Doodles


High-level security Guccifer has struck again, revealing to the world that former U.S. president Bill Clinton may have a future in cartooning, Gawker reports. A series of scanned presidential sketches were retrieved from a file titled “wjcdrawings” through the William J. Clinton Presidential Center by the hacker who has previously brought us secret texts about the September 11 attacks, confidential memos, and, of course, George W. Bush’s bathroom paintings and pet portraits.

The doodles were drawn on official stationary and paperwork — one from a briefing on Slobodan Milošević that shows a playful word association along the page, including a very erect penis besides Bob Dole and a United Nations fry cook instead of sanctions imposed against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia — suggesting that Clinton had other things on his mind than the Butcher of the Balkans or the war in Bosnia.

A sketch of a limousine shows the president’s confidence in his line work and ability to convey structural relationships, though a sheet of doodles made by Ronald Reagan at the Ottawa Conference — and kept by Margaret Thatcher — reveals greater detailing and a strong understanding of portraiture.

Of course Reagan and Clinton are not the only politicians to take up a pen during a particularly boring meeting. The Telegraph has photos of Hilary Clinton keeping busy during a UN General Assembly, and political author David Greenberg has written an entire book on the subject, shedding some light on the artistic side of some of the United States leaders — FDR doodled gunboats while JFK drew sailboats — and how the growing bureaucracy in U.S. government is responsible for increased doodle time.

— Meredith Caraher

(Image courtesy Guccifier.)