Colleges Compete for Obama Presidential Museum


The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) has thrown its varsity jacket into the ring in an increasingly competitive field of colleges interested in housing the future presidential library and museum of Barack Obama, adding to the list of schools that are vying for the opportunity, the Chicago Tribune reports. President Obama will make the call himself, having to choose between the University of Hawaii, Chicago State University, the University of Chicago (where Obama taught), and now UIC, as well as others.

UIC’s chancellor Paula Allen-Mearers told the Tribune: “UIC’s diversity, research, outreach and central location make it uniquely appropriate for the library and museum honoring President Obama’s legacy.”

President Obama has not commented on where he would like to see the library and museum end up. Several locations on the UIC campus have been scouted for the potential project, but the school will wait for an announcement from the White House before making any official proposals.

Along with the schools, there has also been talk of using an undeveloped 48-acre plot of land on the Near South Side, which some believe would be most appropriate since it was where Obama began his political career. However, a study released by Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office suggested that a casino would be more lucrative than the presidential museum.

— Meredith Caraher

(Photo: Megan Strand. Via University of Illinois at Chicago/Facebook.)