Instagrams of the Art World: Performa, the Auctions, and a Gift from Mike Kelley

This week, Performa 13, the performance biennial that kicked off on November 1 and is in its second week, was in full swing. At Ryan McNamara‘s “MEEM: A Ballet Story About the Internet,” this visitor got a great shot of both the performers, and the audience, which was moved around the space on dollies — one of whom is in transit in this pic.

Someone captured the pink ice cube in Florian Hecker‘s synesthetic sound performance at the Guggenheim during Performa.

We’ve been seeing a lot of Francis Bacon‘s famous triptych, the one that shattered the world auction record this week for the highest price ever paid at auction for a work of art when it sold for over $140 million. But none so tasteful as this image via Empire of Taste, bastion of taste we’ve never heard of but will need to start consulting more regularly.

Here’s a great shot from artist Eddie Peake‘s breathtaking performance at the Swiss Institute as part of Performa 13 that involved, as you can see, plenty of gold glitter, lots of sexy dancing, and blast-your-eardrums loud music.

This person got excited at Sotheby’s, and showed to the auction really early, paddle in hand.

A stunning shot of Subodh Gupta‘s installation “Celebration” at the Old Bowery Station for Performa 13, which accompanies the presentation of meals he has been preparing all day.

Art Production Fund co-founder Yvonne Force Villareal attended this unceremonious, super casual Sotheby’s art dinner in advance of the blockbuster sale this week.

Auctioneer Simon de Pury got an interesting shot of the Lady Gaga sculpture by Jeff Koons.

As evidence that curators have become the new darlings of the mainstream, MoMA‘s Eva Respini, associate curator in the photography department, posted this pic from an email she received.

Sunday, many an art world person could be found at the splendiferous semi-annual fete at the Brant Foundation, this one celebrating the opening of Julian Schnabel‘s show. Here the artist Schnabel, and collector Peter Brant, long time friends, pose in front of one of Schnabel’s paintings — posted by art dealer Kathy Grayson.

The art startup known as Gertrude salon hosted its educational pre-auction event at Phillips, which simultaneously unveiled its underground gallery.

Fashion forward curator Stacy Engman attended the ThreeAsFour fashion show at the Jewish Museum during Performa, which involved edible haute couture. Did she eat or did she not eat? That is the question.

This Instagrammer had a great note connecting late artist Mike Kelley (who currently has a retrospective at MoMA PS1), Performa, and these great pink Chuck Taylors: “In 2009 I had the privilege of working alongside world renowned artist Mike Kelley @ Performa 09. At the end of the show, he gave me these pink chucks as a gift. Honoring and remembering him today at the MoMA PS1 Retrospective.”

— Rozalia Jovanovic (@Ruschka)