The Performa Institute Launches Today With “How to Do Whatever You Want”

Throughout Performa 13, the three-week long performance biennial that started over the weekend with a host of performances from Red Hook to the Upper West Side, the Performa Institute will present a series of daily art classes and talks at the Performa Hub. Organized by associate curator Adrienne Edwards, the Institute starts today with Eleanor Bauer‘s artist class “How to Do Whatever You Want.” “If you call yourself an artist,” reads the blurb for Bauer’s class, “you are probably some combination of stubborn, delusional, and incapable of having a boss.” If this resonates, drop in today at 1pm for further elaboration.

Located at 13 Crosby Street, the Performa Hub is intended to host a continuous dialogue throughout the Biennial (through Friday November 22) to supplement the performances as well as to act “as a kind of living room,” or forum. for sharing ideas as well as serving as a laboratory for artistic experimentation for the Performa community. Each day, you can take in classes by artists Rosa Barba, Derrick Adams, Cally Spooner, and Ryan McNamara. There will also be several worthy talks like “The Norwegian Curator Talk: Perspectives on the Norwegian Art Scene,” and “Archive Fever: Fales Library & Special Collections Series —Judson Dance Theater’s People’s Flag Show (1970) and the Gay Cable Network Archive.”

Time to buy some fresh pens and notebooks.

— Rozalia Jovanovic