Albert Hammond Jr. Rocked Monday Night’s Aperture Benefit Auction

Gala season continued Monday night with photography non-profit Aperture Foundation’s yearly benefit auction in Chelsea. This year, the organization mixed things up with a quirky silent auction composed of pictures culled from Instagram and a performance by Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. The over 80 Instagram works by Vik Muniz, Alex Prager, and Tilda Swinton, among others were curated by Kathy Ryan, the director of photography at the New York Times Magazine. A traditional live auction, led by goofball auctioneer CK Swett, saw Mickalene Thomas’s “Liz and Chair with Zebra” go for $15,000, Zoe Crosher’s “The First One of duBois Meets Shangri-LA,” go for $9,500, and Pieter Hugo’s “Kagiso Township” go for $8,000. The highlight of the night was an intimate performance by Hammond Jr. for which he sang songs from 2006’s “Yours to Keep” as well as tracks from recently released EP “AHJ.” Check out photos from the event after the jump.

Actress Mamie Gummer

Photographer Zoe Crosher

Artists Roddy Fitzgerald and Mickalene Thomas

Mickalene Thomas’s live auction piece

Pieter Hugo’s live auction piece

Auctioneer CK Swett

Albert Hammond Jr. performs

— Ashton Cooper
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(Photos: ©Patrick McMullan, Clint Spaulding)