TONIGHT IN NYC: The Enigmatic Debut of “Where 1″ in Brooklyn

WHAT: Debut of “Where 1″
WHERE: 1397 Myrtle Avenue, Unit 4, Brooklyn
WHEN:  7:00 to 10:00 pm

Historian Lucy Hunter and artist R. Lyon are launching, tonight, “Where 1.” What is “Where 1,” you ask? It is a “semi-public, high-security shipping container and publishing project in Brooklyn, NY,” just off the Knickerbocker M stop. To be honest, we are not really sure what to expect, but the whole thing is some kind of experiment with exhibition formats (“Where 1 tests the particular feature of complex systems that coalesce autonomous, unrelated agents, stripping some of their unrelated qualities but resulting in a new more complex form with new affordances”), amalgamating works by three artists (Lea Cetera, Jesse Greenberg, and Alexandra Lerman) into one off-kilter construction, seemingly in a shipping container. So weird and inscrutable that it might be really interesting.

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