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Live Nudes Livened Up Wednesday’s Titillating Whitney Studio Party

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Last night’s Whitney Museum gala and studio party drew an eclectic mix of attendees to Midtown Manhattan that included the usual suspects (Larry Gagosian, Chuck Close, Jeff Koons), the Hollywood crowd (Michelle Williams, Sofia Coppola, Lake Bell) and a few randos (Salman Rushdie, Padma Lakshmi). The Whitney gave partygoers a full sensory experience as guests listened to a surprise performance by David Byrne, watched people sketch live nude models atop a pile of giant Louis Vuitton luggage, and ate truffled tater tots. The whole affair was in honor of Ed Ruscha and raised more than $2.75 million for the museum. See photos from the night after the jump.

Surprise performance by David Byrne.

David Byrne, Ed Ruscha, and Adam Weinberg.

Michelle Williams and Derek Blasberg.

Chuck Close made a dramatic, laser-lit entrance to the party.

Michelle Williams and Sofia Coppola

Missy Brody and Salman Rushdie

Scott Campbell and Lake Bell

Larry Gagosian

— Ashton Cooper
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(Photos: Courtesy of Billy Farrell for BFA, Joe Schildhorn for BFA, and Bryan Bedder for Getty Images)

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