Swoon’s Hurricane Sandy-Themed Houston Street Mural Is Taking Shape


This morning we swung by the site of street artist and activist Swoon‘s forthcoming mural at Houston Street and Bowery, which is already taking shape. The composition, which is a collaboration between the artist and the Groundswell Community Mural Project according to ANIMAL, was inspired by Hurricane Sandy, with whose first anniversary it happens to coincide.


The mural won’t be the first that responds to last year’s cataclysmic superstorm; in its immediate aftermath, the duo of How and Nosm painted a startlingly intricate mural filled with flood imagery. The Swoon-Groundswell mural already features waves crashing into what looks like Coney Island in its upper-right hand corner (above).


On the mural’s left side (above), two artists were hard at work this morning painting figures in a reconstruction-themed sequence featuring a crowd of characters, tall buildings, and some kind of water deity. Meanwhile the mural is anchored by one of Swoon’s best-known wheatpaste pieces, “Thalassa” (below), which features a kind of woman-crab hybrid figure emerging from a wave (below).


— Benjamin Sutton

(Photos by the author.)