20-Foot-Tall Roy Lichtenstein Sculpture Gifted to the New Orleans Museum of Art


By the end of the year, visitors to the New Orleans Museum of Art will be greeted by a tower of cartoonish gobs of paint made of aluminum. Roy Lichtenstein‘s sculpture “Five Brushstrokes” (1984, fabricated in 2010) has just been gifted to the institution by Sydney and Walda Besthoff, who acquired it with assistance from the Roy Lichtenstein Foundation, the Times-Picayune reports.

The tall and slender sculpture, which is already in the process of being installed and will officially be unveiled before the end of the year, will stand in the center of the fountain on the traffic island in front of the museum.

Lichtenstein’s Pop art drips will replace New Orleans artist Lin Emery‘s articulated sculpture “Wave” (below), which had previously occupied the privileged spot and has since been relocated to the museum’s sculpture garden — which happens to be named for the Besthoffs in recognition of their longstanding support of the institution.


— Benjamin Sutton

(Top: Roy Lichtenstein, “Five Brushstrokes.” Courtesy New Orleans Museum of Art; Bottom photo via New Orleans Museum of Art/Facebook.)