Mad for Merch: Are You Pumped for These Basquiat-Branded Reebok Sneakers?


Given the sums commanded by Jean-Michel Basquiat‘s paintings at auction these days, the idea of wearing his work on your feet may seem unthinkable to some, but then again the types of people who go in for limited edition sneakers probably won’t be wearing those for alpine hiking so, without further ado, here are some Basquiat-adorned Reebok sneakers from the British shoemaker’s Fall/Winter collection for 2013.


The shoes, which range from high- to low-top models, feature three distinct Basquiat images: A turquoise, red, and white design with fragments of text and a grimacing face (at top); a writing-filled black-and-white composition (above); and a mostly-white look with the word “VERSUS” prominently displayed (below).

All three feature the artist’s last name, in his trademark all-caps handwriting, at the top of the shoe’s tongue. The imagery is alternately screen-printed or embroidered onto the shoe, depending on the model. They are the latest in Reebok’s “Affili’Art” series, a previous iteration of which featured iconography from works by Basquiat buddy (and sometimes-collaborator) Keith Haring. No word yet on the prices of the Basquiat Reeboks, but we suspect they will cost you less than a Basquiat painting and more than a non-Basquiat shoe.


— Benjamin Sutton

(Images via Hypebeast.)