Curator Sarah Green Leaves the Indianapolis Museum of Art to Start PBS Web Series

After the Indianapolis Museum of Art reduced their staff by 11 percent this past March, several high profile employees, including former senior curators Lisa Freiman and Ronda Kasl, have left the museum. The latest to make an exit is curator of contemporary art Sarah Green. Green, who has worked at the museum since 2007, is leaving her position to work on a brand new PBS Digital Studios web series called “The Art Assignment” that is set to debut next year.

Green will curate and host weekly 8- to 10-minute episodes, in which she will meet with a mix of established and up-and-coming artists to complete a project in their studios. Viewers are invited to follow the assignment instructions and post their results. Green says local Indiana artists will figure prominently in the series.

“These will not necessarily involve art as you know it and they won’t necessarily be assignments per se,” Green says in the promotional video. “You might be asked to create an artwork and then destroy it, remake a famous movie poster using only clip art and comic sans, or make a field recording in your neighborhood.”

It would seem that the web series bug runs in the family, as Green’s husband, best-selling author John Green, hosts several popular YouTube series including Vlogbrothers, the Crash Course history videos, and Mental Floss. Green seems to be peripherally involved in the project, or as Sarah puts it in the promotional video, “this guy is going to follow creepily at a distance.”

—Ashton Cooper

(Photo: Screen shot)