Hijacked Orgasmic Moaning Mural Ruffles Feathers in the Netherlands

A mural and sound art installation by American artist Bill Fontana, installed in Enschede, Netherlands, may have been hijacked to project orgasmic “sex-moaning noises” from loudspeakers installed in a large part of the town, according to a video called “Geluidskunst gehacked” that has surfaced on Reddit. The piece was installed in 2009 as part of a citywide art project called Cultuurmijl and originally accompanied by a soothing birdcall soundtrack. Although the town of Enschede is known for it’s prominent technical university, the Universiteit Twente, and therefore home to a lot of tech-savvy college students, many Reditters are calling the video a fake.

Some have pointed to an interview with a local government employee who suggests that the town might have to build a sound barrier around the speakers because they don’t know how to turn them off, as evidence that the video might be fake. While the video may be phony, it is definitely worth a watch for local townspeople’s reactions to the erotic moaning.

—Ashton Cooper

(Photo: Geeko System)