Photos From Hurricane Sandy Flood Governors Island in New Exhibition


With hurricane season drawing near, the International Center of Photography has teamed up with the Museum of the City of New York to present a powerful exhibition of photographs documenting the devastation of 2012’s Hurricane Sandy, DNAinfo reports. One hundred images have been chosen from the 5,000 that were submitted in response to an open call, including submissions from professional photojournalists and artists, as well as amateurs. The resulting selection will be displayed on Governors Island in a show titled “Rising Waters: Photographs of Hurricane Sandy.”

Images like Chris Ozer’s dramatic photo of a mammoth wave crashing near the Verazzano Bridge will be shown alongside more contemplative fodder like Jennifer Cheswick’s shot of a young girl standing among the wreckage of the storm’s aftermath. Brian Wallis, chief curator at the ICP, explained: “When you see a lot of them together, you really begin to detect the patterns of what neighborhoods and parts of the city were hit the hardest.”

Photographer Gideon Mendle will also be presenting a video from his “Drowning World” project, which gives viewers a look at the hard reality of rising water levels and worldwide flooding.

While this may sound like a somber, grim experience, Wallis points to the humanity of the work, saying, “It’s actually surprisingly uplifting.”

Rising Waters: Photographs of Hurricane Sandy” opens in Building 19 on Governors Island on August 24 and continues through September 29.

— Meredith Caraher

(Image: Chris Ozer, “Untitled,” 2012. © Chris Ozer.)