Alleged New Banksy Mural in L.A. Denounces Removal of His Works


An alleged new Banksy mural that recently appeared on Orange Avenue in Los Angeles seems to denounce the ongoing series of erasures and removals of his murals in the U.K. and L.A.

The mural, which features a machine-gun toting, gas-mask wearing soldier, proclaims: “Vandals found vandalising this vandalism will be prosecuted.”

A number of Banksy murals have gone missing in recent years. Last month his mural “No Ball Games” disappeared from a wall in Tottenham in north London. Other murals that have been removed include “Slave Labour” and “Wet Dog,” the latter from Bethlehem, the former from London. Last year’s Art Miami fair featured a whole suite of his murals that had been air-lifted from their original locations. The ongoing series of Banksy removals was sufficient to cause the owners of one work in Torquay to cover theirs up.

Meanwhile a Banksy mural in Los Angeles, “Flower Girl,” has been legally removed from its gas station site and is headed to auction in December. Though the artist has never intervened personally to prevent the sale of any of his murals, this latest work seems to suggest — perhaps in jest — that future mural-movers may face legal action.

— Benjamin Sutton

(Photo via hypeordie/Instagram.)