Blake Gopnik’s Andy Warhol Book Bought by HarperCollins Imprint Ecco

How very apropos of art writer Blake Gopnik to announce his upcoming book about Andy Warhol on the heels of the late Pop artist’s birthday. (We were busy watching the EarthCam’s live stream of Warhol’s grave yesterday.) It was announced today that Gopnik has sold “Andy Warhol: A Life as Art,” an account of the artist’s life, to the HarperCollins imprint Ecco.

Andy Warhol‘s life is something anyone with an interest in the artist probably has something of a handle on — or at least thinks they do — given the publication of Warhol’s diaries, all the films about him (both feature and documentary), his ubiquity during his life, and the sheer amount of documentation the artist himself, and his Factory hands, generated. Yet, since his public persona seemed to invite and accommodate assumptions and accentuation of fact, there’s remained a margin of mystery surrounding the artist and no one has yet to unravel the fact from fiction and piece together Warhol’s life in a cohesive narrative.

Gopnik is poised to set the record straight and separate the truth from the half-truth with the writing of “Andy Warhol.” Gopnik will follow Warhol’s life beginning with his Depression-era childhood, his rise to success during “Eisenhower prosperity,” his fame and celebrity in the 1960s, his entree into high society during the high-flying 80s, and the blossoming, after his death, of his legend as a pop culture deity.

— Rozalia Jovanovic