Pixelated Sculpture of a Little Girl Greets Travelers at Bristol Railway Station


One very wayward traveler has taken up permanent residence at Bristol’s Temple Meads railway station. Her name is “Maya,” and she’s an aluminum sculpture that artist Luke Jerram created using Xbox kinect, 3-D scanning technology, and more than 5,000 stickers to create the impression of a pixelated human figure in real life.

“From a distance, people coming through the station may be almost concerned to see what looks like a young girl stood by herself, but as they move closer, she will pixelate just like a computer image does,” Jerram told BBC News. “There’s a certain distance when standing in front of the sculpture that the pixels disappear and the image of the girl comes together.”

The model for the uncanny sculpture was Jerram’s daughter, after whom it is titled.

“From the age of 3 my daughter Maya could use an iPhone,” the artist notes on his website. “For her the technology was like a pencil, just another everyday tool to be used. Born into this world, for her, the digital revolution and the speed of technological development is not yet apparent.”

Watch a video of Luke Jerram’s “Maya” up close:

— Benjamin Sutton

(Image courtesy Luke Jerram.)