Richard Prince Blog Watch: Richard Prince Rips Every Major Art Publication in 45 Words

richard-prince-blog-art-pubsWhen we last checked in on appropriation artist Richard Prince‘s recent “birding” one month ago, he was praising the virtues of micro-blogging platform Tumblr — especially for its formal similarities to his own practice — but this month he has let loose on the art journalism world, blasting everyone from canonical print magazines to art news websites such as this one.

In his vitriolic and very brief screed titled “CHICKEN SHIT,” Prince writes off ARTINFOas he has done before — and a number of our esteemed colleagues:

Art News is a piece of shit. Art Forum isn’t much better, but at least they got some snappy advertisements. (Art is still full of shit).
Frieze Magazine is all but unreadable. Are they deliberately trying to focus on art that’s made out of chickens?

He must’ve been in a bad mood, though, because he then went on to trash “Gilligan’s Island,” complete with a hilarious anecdote about his correspondence with Bob Denver:

Gilligan’s Island was for shit but it was popular shit. The most popular TV show for four years running. I once sent away for a signed 8X10 glossy of Bob Denver the star of Gilligan’s island. I requested an 8X10 head shot from his first TV show The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis, where he played the beatnik Maynard G. Krebs. (One of the first characters on TV that was anti-establishment). What I got back in the mail was a pic of Denver as Krebs… all sweatshirt and goatee… and inscribed, “To R.Prince… when the shit hits the fan get out to of the way, Bob Denver”.

We had never noticed the chicken motif playing out in the pages of Frieze, but we will be sure to keep an eye out for it in future issues.

— Benjamin Sutton