Nude Painter Andy Golub Returns to Times Square After NYPD OKs Daytime Nakedness


Body artist Andy Golub has been embroiled in an ongoing feud with the NYPD over his habit of painting completely nude models with his neo-primitivist patterns in Times Square. Back in 2011 he got in trouble with the authorities, who eventually told him that he could only perform his outdoor nude art-making after dark, but today Golub tells us via email that, in a rare moment of reasonable-ness, the NYPD has lifted its post-dusk clause.

“Golub is now free to paint fully nude models, both male and female, in the the public streets of New York City at any time of day  without the threat of arrest,” a statement from the artist explains. To celebrate his victory, Golub will be painting one completely nude female model, and one completely nude male model on July 10 between noon and 3pm in Times Square, on Broadway between 46th and 47th streets.


Though he hasn’t been painting in Times Square so much of late, ARTINFO recently spotted him hard at work outside the New Museum.


— Benjamin Sutton

(Top two photos via Andy Golub/Facebook. Bottom photo by Rozalia Jovanovic.)