Doug Aitken’s “Station to Station” Project Drops More Clues in Artforum Ad

Flipping through the new issue of Artforum last night, we came across what appears to be the first clue in Doug Aitken‘s mysterious “Station to Station” project — the one we’ve been writing about in drips and drabs beginning in May. Perhaps this is why everyone from Erica Archambault, the rep at Levi‘s — one of the supposed sponsors — (“Molly [Logan] is the best person to speak with directly at this point”), to Aitken’s primary gallery, 303, (the owners of which were “traveling” and never got back to us about it), to the Amtrak media rep Clifford Cole (“Checking…”), to the artists we’ve been in touch with who have claimed they were asked to participate (those at Callie Curry, aka Swoon‘s, church-cum-art center “Transformazium” in Braddock, PA), or who are participating (see culinary master Alice Waters who is “consulting on the food component”) but would give no further details, have been so elusive about it: because it’s a mystery. Here’s the new information we have from this advertisement that should piece it all together.

1) “Station to Station” is a “nomadic ‘Happening’ on a train.”

2) it’s a “moving platform for artistic experimentation”

3) it’s an “exquisite corpse composed of constantly changing musicians, artists, and individuals.”

4) it’s an “artist-created project” that will begin in New York on September 6, and end in San Francisco on September 28 making stops in Memphis, Kansas City, and Winslow (of its 10 total scheduled stops) along the way.

5) it embraces “constantly changing stories, unexpected encounters, and creative collisions between music, art, and film.”

5) its cultural partners include MoMA PS1, Walker Art Center, and SITE Santa Fe.

We will keep you apprised of further illuminating clues as they break…

Rozalia Jovanovic

(Image from Artforum.)