Get a Glimpse of Paul McCarthy’s Giant Forest Inside the Park Avenue Armory

Paul McCarthy‘s much anticipated show “WS,” opening at the Park Avenue Armory on June 19, will be the provocative artist’s largest exhibition to date. Thanks to Louisa McCarthy, a member of the McCarthy clan, here’s is a glimpse of the gargantuan trees and the sprawling space in which McCarthy’s depraved world will come to life.

For the Park Avenue Armory show, McCarthy is creating a lush, fantastical forest replete with sculpture and video of a part with his grotesque and sexually-tinged narratives involving formerly-pure pop culture characters. The vast forest installation coincides with a similarly large-scale installation, created in collaboration with his son Damon McCarthy, opening on June 20 at Hauser & Wirth‘s Chelsea warehouse.

Rozalia Jovanovic

(Photo via Instagram.)