Famed Chef Alice Waters Is On Board for Doug Aitken’s Roving Festival

alice-waters-doug-aitkenAlice Waters, the culinary master and owner of Berkeley’s famed organic restaurant Chez Panisse, has signed on to Doug Aitken’s project “Station to Station,” the roving music and art festival that will have artists traveling cross-country aboard a chartered train and decamping in multiple cities where they’ll set up tents and provide concerts, art exhibitions, and culinary treats from local purveyors. “Alice is consulting on the food component and has been in talks with Doug Aitken,” Christina Mueller, who works in Waters’s office, told ARTINFO over email. Waters is the first celebrity participant to confirm her involvement in the project.

We first wrote about the festival in May, when an article on the site of business and tech magazine Fast Company laid bare the elements of the music and arts event, including that it would be sponsored, in part, by Levi’s, and that the private chartered train would not only carry artists from place to place, but would itself be transformed by an LED installation into a work of art by Aitken.

As for what Waters’ “consulting” would entail, does this mean high-concept treats like spit-roasted pork loin, perfectly crusted bread, and figs on the branch for all? Mueller couldn’t provide any specific details. She did clarify one thing, however: “Unfortunately, Alice won’t be able to ride the train!”

— Rozalia Jovanovic

(Photo courtesy Chez Panisse.)