Jonah Freeman and Justin Lowe Bringing Radical Printmaking Lab to Art Basel


The artist duo of Jonah Freeman and Justin Lowe, known for their vast, labyrinthine, and impossibly detailed installations that seem to tell the fragmented stories of experimental artist collectives and failed drug operations, are bringing their latest to next week’s Art Basel fair. They will take over the entire Marlborough Chelsea booth with a fractured assemblage of spaces organized around the printmaking lab of “Artichoke Underground,” a fictional faction of artists whose name lends the installation its title.

The piece will be a slight departure for the duo, whose previous installations have included replicas of Norther California hippie communes, Chinatown trinket stores, wig shops, art galleries, narrow city alleys, libraries, and more. For Art Basel they will play, fittingly, on temporary architectural types including trade fair booths, open plan office architecture (ie. cubicles), and construction sites, among others. These spaces and more — like, according to a press release, “an incubator for the study of plant consciousness, a digital data center that has been overtaken by crystal growth, a Punjabi kitche,n and an abandoned trade fair booth” — will be best visible from the central printmaking lab. A series of mirrored shafts piercing through the installation will further fragment visitors’ views.

Freeman and Lowe’s “Artichoke Underground” installation will be in the Marlborough Chelsea booth (number U00) at Art Basel, June 13-16.

— Benjamin Sutton

(Image: Jonah Freeman and Justin Lowe, “Bright White Underground” installation view, 2010. Courtesy the artists, Marlborough Chelsea.)