Take That, Tilda: Milla Jovovich Spent Eight Hours in a Giant Glass House in Venice


On Wednesday Milla Jovovich, model, muse, and actor of “Resident Evil” and “The Fifth Element” fame, spent eight hours in a glass house in Venice, her only means of communication with the outside world being a computer, a smartphone, and a tablet device. The latest iteration of the celebrity-in-a-confined-glass-space performance art meme, following Tilda Swinton‘s public napping at MoMA, was masterminded by American artist-designer-model Tara Subkoff, with a helping hand from New York’s non-profit the Art Production Fund and fashion house Marella.


For the performance, titled “FUTURE/PERFECT,” Jovovich allegedly acted out the activities of a full 24-hour day in just eight hours, while ordering artworks online. The pieces, delivered by courier to her tiny but elegantly appointed glass house, included objects created especially for the performance by Richard Phillips, Hanna Liden, Justin Lowe and Jonah Freeman, Jessica Craig Martin, and more.


Attendees including Yvonne Force Villareal, Jeffrey Deitch, Mattia Ferrari, and Brant brothers Peter and Harry schmoozed and cavorted (see above), while Jovovich slowly began to drown in boxes, a commentary on the deluge of goods and information that has become a customary feature of daily life in the 21st century.

In case you missed the performance, fear not. A video of “FUTURE/PERFECT” will be projected onto a nearby wall throughout the duration of the 2013 Venice Biennale, and will also soon be posted on the Marella website.


— Benjamin Sutton

(Photo credit: André Lucat – SGP)