PSA: Art Basel Is Now Called “Art Basel in Basel.” (Yes, Really.)


It turns out the Whitney Museum wasn’t the only art world force rebranding this week. Unbeknown to seemingly everyone, Art Basel and its attendant franchises — Art Basel Miami Beach and the new Art Basel Hong Kong — have all added “in” to their names. Now they are called Art Basel in Hong Kong, Art Basel in Miami Beach, and, most hilariously, Art Basel in Basel.

We expect Frieze New York to rename itself “Frieze New York in New York” any day now. Rumor has it that artMRKT Hamptons will follow suit, while staying on-brand, by changing its name to “artMRKT Hamptons in bridgeHMPTN,” and we expect the Dallas Art Fair will be relaunching as “Dallas’s Dallas Art Fair in Dallas, Live From Dallas (Dallas Standard Time)” shortly thereafter.

Meanwhile, Art Miami may buck the trend and rebrand itself as “Art,” according to a tipster who spoke on condition of anonymity with ARTINFO — which will henceforth be known as “ARTINFO in Fo.”

— Benjamin Sutton

(Image: The fair formerly known as Art Basel. Photo: Tom Bisig. Via Art Basel/Facebook.)