Emerging Artist Killed in 2011 Bicycle Crash Gets Posthumous New York Solo Show


The Brooklyn-based Canadian artist Mathieu Lefevre died in October 2011 when he was struck and killed by a truck while riding his bike, leaving behind a studio full of work, some of which has since been included in group shows in New York and Montreal, but most of which has never been seen, until now. The artist-run gallery Regina Rex is mounting a posthumous solo show of Lefevre’s work, which opens Saturday.

The exhibition, titled “The Stuff Things Are Made Of” after one of Lefevre’s characteristically comic paintings, will run through June 16. It was curated by Regina Rex in conversation with the late artist’s friends Alhena Katsof and Danna Vajda. It will feature his paintings and sculptures, many of which incorporate text to articulate puns and jokes about tropes in conceptual, minimalist, and Abstract Expressionist art, like a canvas adorned with large gobs of oil paint covered in cat litter titled “It just comes out naturally” (2010), or another canvas, “One-liner” (2010), marked with just one thickly applied line of black oil paint.

The exhibition will include the large-scale sculpture “Monument to Indecision” (2008, below), which consists of a Stonehenge-like archway made up of objects from the artist’s studio. Like much of his work, the piece attests to Lefevre’s sharp sense of humor while also showcasing his inventive use of materials and unpredictable formal experiments.

Mathieu Lefevre: The Stuff Things Are Made Of” runs from May 18 to June 16 at Regina Rex.


— Benjamin Sutton

(Top image: Mathieu Lefevre, “Paintings that say something about the world,” 2010. Bottom image: Mathieu Lefevre, “Monument to Indecision,” 2008. Courtesy the artist’s estate.)