Art World Missed Connections: Finding a Friend at Frieze and NADA, Making Eyes at the Met

paul-klee-heart-missed-connectionsThough signs of affection weren’t being traded nearly as freely as the art during Frieze Week, we’ve nonetheless emerged from the marathon of fairs with one Art World Missed Connection spanning both the giant Frieze New York tent and NADA New York, plus another item from the ever-reliable Metropolitan Museum. Let’s begin on Randall’s Island, where a NADA gallerist had his first encounter with a gent who later visited his booth, if you know what we mean — actually, he just visited his booth.

After encounters at both Frieze and NADA, the dealer, having missed two opportunities to solicit a phone number, posted “NADA – we talked at the fair – m4m – 26 (Lower East Side)“:

We kept look at each other at Frieze on Friday and then ended up chatting for a little bit today at NADA. You were wearing a yellow shirt and shorts, and I showed you my work in my gallerys booth. We exchanged names but you left before I could get your number.

You should say hi. :)

Also on Friday, two young men — each with one earring — exchanged glances in a gallery at the Met. One of them, the one with a flower in his hair, posted “Eyes met at the Met (Friday afternoon) – m4m – 20 (Upper East Side)“:

You were tall and wearing one earring, with an open tank and some tattoos. I’m short with a single earring and a flower in my hair. We turned back to look at each other. I’d love to grab a drink or something. Email me back with a picture, or tell me what part of the museum we were in.

We will continue to monitor the missed connections throughout the week, because we have a hard time believing that Frieze Week fair-goers remained so frigid.

— Benjamin Sutton

(Image: Detail from Paul Klee‘s “Love Song by the New Moon,” 1939. Via Wikipaintings.)