Russian Street Artist’s Pyramid of Police Riot Shields Wins Cutlog New York’s Top Prize


Yesterday Cutlog New York, the French fair’s first States-side outing announced that Russian street artist Timofey Radya had been awarded the first Cutlog NY Artist Prize for his sculpture “Figure #1: Stability” (pictured, presented by France’s The July 16), a huge pyramid made of police riot shields that he erected in the courtyard of the Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural Center. The fair, which remains open through 6pm on Monday, also gave awards to exhibitors Creative Growth and TURF, and bestowed an honorary prize on Spinello Projects.

“The independent Jury for Cutlog NY was so impressed with the excellence of several non-profit organizations and galleries participating in the NY launch, that it decided to seek additional funding to extend the awards to these visionaries,” Cutlog NY co-director Guy Reziciner said in a statement. The inaugural prize’s jury consisted of critic Sydney Ruiz-Picasso, critic, curator, and Paper Magazine editor Carlo McCormick, Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural Center executive director Jan Hanvick, and the winners of the 2011 ARTE Cutlog prize Cristian Bors and Marius Ritiu.

“The Cutlog NY prize is an expansion of Cutlog Paris’s ARTE prize, and was originated to support a rising art star for his or her outstanding work at the fair,” cutlog founder Bruno Hadjadj said in a statement.


— Benjamin Sutton

(Image: Timofey Radya, “Figure #1: Stability,” presented by The July 16. Photo courtesy Cutlog.)