NADA New York Has an Ambitious Dance Program


With picnic tables, provisions, a gorgeous view of the Manhattan Bridge and a fully-packed program of contemporary dance, the waterfront NADA New York patio is as cool as any secret Liz Glynn-designed bar.


Curated by New York based visual artist Sam Gordon in collaboration with the Lower East Side’s artist run bar and event space Cafe Dancer, the series of performances by dancers who work in the art world creates a calm oasis within the frenzy of the fair. On Friday afternoon, after racing through the booths, trying to see as much as possible as quickly as possible, stumbling into Flora Wiegmann’s solo performance on the patio (above) was like stepping from a busy street into a quiet movie theater and discovering a rapt audience midway through a screening.


Pictured: Rebecca Brooks.

“We thought this would be a great fit for NADA, and as we started to reach out to people, it sort of developed into a symposium of people who are performing within the art world and how they relate with artists,” explained Gordon. He continued, “At art fairs, it’s all about the object, and about money so we thought it would be great to inject something that is free and that involves the body. ”

Performances will take hourly throughout the weekend. A schedule is available at the NADA entrance.


— Sara Roffino

(All photos by Vincent Dilio.)