Yung Lenox, Wish Meme’s Hip Hop Portraitist, Is a Six-Year-Old Boy From Seattle


With its themes of nostalgia and wish fulfillment, the new Frieze Week fair Wish Meme has plenty of pop culture-quoting artworks, but none are quite so curious as the series of small felt marker drawings by one Yung Lenox included in artist-curator Myla DalBesio‘s classroom exhibition “Magic Kingdom.” “I first heard about Yung from Hennessy Youngman,” DalBesio told ARTINFO during Wednesday’s Wish Meme preview, referring to the artist and rapper Jayson Musson‘s YouTube art critic alter ego. “Jayson started posting his drawings online, and I got in touch with his father on Twitter.”


DalBesio and Lenox’s father Skip Lenox — who tweets as @Skip_Class — spoke via Facetime about the possibility of showing the precocious draughtsman’s works, which include colorful portraits of Notorious B.I.G., Cam’ron, Gucci Mane, and the R&B singer R. Kelly. “Then last week I happened to be flying through Seattle and I actually got to meet Skip and hang out with Yung,” DalBesio said. “I also commissioned him to make this piece,” she added, pointing to his rendering of the cover art from Juvenile‘s classic album “400 Degreez.”

Though Lenox’s eight small works on view at Wish Meme aren’t for sale, he and his father are in talks to publish a selection of his works in book form.

Yung Lenox’s drawings remain on view in “Magic Kingdom” at Wish Meme through Sunday.

— Benjamin Sutton

(Photos by the author.)