Newark Transplants Launching New Lower East Side Gallery S and J Project(s)


When Pocket Utopia (re)opened at 191 Henry Street just over a year ago, it was not only the only gallery on its extra-low and extra-easterly Lower East Side block, but just about the only business, but now the storefront next-door is slated to become a gallery, too. S & J Project(s), a new space run by independent curators Rebecca Jampol and David Sedgwick Smith, will launch Friday with the appropriately titled exhibition “INTRODUCTION.”

Both Jampol and Smith are veterans of the Newark art scene: She founded the experimental project space Solo(s) Project House; and he co-founded the non-profit Index Art Center. Their inaugural show will feature works by Dahlia Elsayed, Daniel Patrick Helmstetter, Mark Fox, and Todd Pavlisko, and is intended as an introduction to the new gallery’s program.

— Benjamin Sutton

(Photo via Pocket Utopia/Facebook.)