Have You Seen This Art? Rijksmuseum Launches Masterpieces-on-Milk Cartons Campaign


Adding to the excitement surrounding its grand reopening earlier this month following a ten-year renovation and expansion, the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam has paired with local dairy Albert Heijn to festoon the latter’s milk cartons, yogurt containers, and custard packages with 16 artworks from the museum’s permanent collection. These include Vincent van Gogh‘s self-portrait, a cartoonish rabbit figure by Dick Bruna, the museum’s prized possession, Rembrandt‘s “Night Watch,” and, perhaps most appropriately, Vermeer‘s “The Kitchen Maid” (in full, glorious detail below).


The campaign, designed to promote conversations about art at Dutch dining room tables, has been seen far and wide — roughly a quarter of the Netherlands’s population consumers Albert Heijn products every week.

“The Rijksmuseum belongs to everyone,” Rijksmuseum director Wim Pijbes said in a statement. “We want to surprise the Dutch in an accessible way with our wonderful collection. A conversation about art at the kitchen table will hopefully stimulate a visit to the real work in the beautifully renovated Rijksmuseum.”

Beyond their value as cultural conversation-starters (and an excellent source of calcium), there’s additional incentive for those thirsting for art to drop some Euros on a quart: Each one comes with a discount coupon for reduced admission to the museum, a deal art- and dairy-lovers alike should milk for all it’s worth.

— Benjamin Sutton

(Top image courtesy Rijksmuseum. Photo via @Kunstisleuk/Twitter.)