Watch Tara Subkoff’s and Chloe Sevigny’s Satire of Bicostal Malaise for MOCAtv

In conjunction with Urs Fischer’s survey at LA MOCA, Imitation of Christ designer Tara Subkoff’s, filmmaker Tatiana Von Furstenburg, and indie star Chloë Sevigny joined forced to produce a short film for MOCAtv.

Directed by Subkoff, “Magic Hour, stars Sevigny as disgruntled west coast transplant. Talking on the phone while lounging lugubriously in a sunlight-filled cottage, Sevigny waxes on the horrors of living in Los Angeles. Her laundry list of bicoastal laments includes the penetrative melanoma-inducing sunshine, the psychological isolation of suburban sprawl, shallow people, and — the sine qua non of Los Angeles-related complaining — horrendous traffic: “If I’m suck in traffic for two hours trying to make it to my cranial sacral therapist, I’m stressing out!”In an absurdist turn, the mystery caller turns out to be her husband. He has been standing right outside the house all along, and their telephone conversation actually a technologically mediated kind of foreplay.

Is Los Angeles really a vacuole of alienation where the telephone is an aphrodisiac and 12-step programs are the only spaces for human connection, or is the grass simply always greener? Watch the film below…

-Chloe Wyma