Will.I.Am Visits the Louvre After Midnight to Record New Song in Front of the Mona Lisa

Musician Will.I.Am went to great lengths to record his latest song, “Smile Mona Lisa,” in an inspiring environment. The Black Eyed Peas leader was allowed into the Louvre Museum in Paris at two o’clock in the morning to record the song in front of Leonardo da Vinci‘s famous portrait. (You read that correctly: He wasn’t filming a music video. He was simply recording a song about the Mona Lisa next to the actual “Mona Lisa.”)

“I wanted to capture the ambience of the Louvre, that Mona Lisa lives in,” the singer told reporters today. “That was exciting, to walk through the Louvre at 2am with the manager.” The song will appear on his next solo album. No word yet on the quality of the Louvre’s acoustics.

This isn’t Will.I.Am’s first foray into the art world. Last summer, the Grammy-winning musician transformed the facade of Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art into an interactive work of light art.

Julia Halperin