New Site “Rate My Artist Residency” Lets You Do Just That


For years university students have been able to evaluate their professors’ proficiency (and attractiveness) on Rate My Professors, but until recently no comparable resource existed to evaluate and rate artist residencies. The new site Rate My Artist Residency aims to fill that void, and though its metrics are a little vague (what, exactly, does a “You win some, you lose some” vote mean?) and it has no equivalent of the “Hotness” option for rating professors (perhaps a “Hotness of other residents” rating is in order?), it’s provides a welcome venue for information about and feedback on artist residencies all over the world.

The site, which was founded by Berlin-based artist Katrina Neumann earlier this year, not only includes all the vital information regarding residencies from New York City’s Recess (pictured) to Brazil’s lovely-sounding Instituto Sacatar, but also keeps a handy calendar of upcoming residency application deadlines. And though doesn’t yet feature entries for the many artist residencies in the U.S. and abroad that ARTINFO has profiled in the past, it does offer a much-needed platform for comparing the relative merits of such programs.

Past attendees are invited to comment on the residencies, and though few have thus far, their feedback ranges from the very practical (“You can’t get out there without a car.”) to the more testimonial, like this response regarding the Art OMI residency in upstate New York:

A bit of Skowhegan lite, great artists- really international, not just the usual Germany and Japan. I was there with artists from Cuba, Mexico, Nigeria, China, Chile. Brazil, all over Europe and the United States that I am still in touch with. The owner is a brilliant eccentric, housing is newish, beautiful area. One of the best aspect is all the studio visits (one of the few residencies that does this), they bring in galleries, critics, and curators the duration of the residency. The barn is wide open and a bit hard to work in, bring work if you can for studio visits.

Past and prospective artists in residence should be sure to check in with — and contribute to — Rate My Artist Residency.

[Art F City]

— Benjamin Sutton

(Photo by the author.)