Gagosian Gives Show to Pratt Students Who Lost Work in Fire


Larry Gagosian is organizing a week-long show in May for the 44 Pratt students who lost their work when the school’s historic Main Building was ravaged by fire in February, The New York Times reports. Gagosian has drummed up a fittingly strong team. Because his own galleries are booked, his pal Aby Rosen will provide nearly 26,000 square feet of space on the Seagram Building’s eighth floor for the show, which will include mostly new work by the art students, along with some older work and maybe some that were rescued from the fire. Eugenie Tsai, a contemporary art curator at the Brooklyn Museum, has been tapped to make the final selections and Bruce Newman, a Pratt trustee, has donated $50,000 for framing and installation.

It might just be the ticket to give these kids some much needed help in restoring their practice. From the story:

The show has become an exciting watershed in a healing process that many students said had changed the way they viewed their work. Several said they felt oddly renewed by the losses suffered and had taken imaginative leaps that they might not have risked before.

“Loss is part of being a painter,” said Rebecca Warlick, 21, of San Diego, whose canvases were damaged, though salvageable. “You sell a painting and it’s not yours. But everything you learn, the fire can’t take away from you. I’ve learned that painting is more about experimenting and taking risks — and not making it such a sacred object.”

— Rozalia Jovanovic

(Photo via Pratt Institute Department of Fine Arts/Facebook.)