Pun-Loving Street Artist Hanksy Snuck Graffiti Eggs Onto the White House Lawn


If we’re to believe his Tumblr, and his gallerist Benjamin Krause, the street artist and celebrity punditry propagator Hanksy was in Washington, D.C. yesterday to attend President Barack Obama‘s Easter Egg Roll at the White House, on whose closely guarded grounds the the master tagger managed to plant a series of pun-filled Easter eggs. Improbable though the surreptitious street art egg drops may seem — particularly given that news of them first hatched on April Fool’s Day — the photographic proof is fairly convincing.


“Hanksy snuck into the White House Easter egg roll on the front lawn,” Krause wrote in an email today. “Hid a dozen miShell Obama eggs plus a few Walter Egg Whites and Party Time Eggcellent Wayne and Garths.”

Whether the eggs — which portray first lady Michelle Obama, the main character from “Breaking Bad” Walter White, and the co-leads of “Wayne’s World” Wayne and Garth — were eventually discovered by confused children, intrepid street art lovers, or alarmed FBI agents, is anybody’s guess.


— Benjamin Sutton

(Photos courtesy the artist, Krause Gallery.)