Patti Smith Performs at the Launch of MOMA PS1’s Rockaway Beach Dome


On Friday MoMA PS1 threw open the doors to its new VW-sponsored Dome 2 at Rockaway Beach, launching the spherical community space for the Hurricane Sandy-devastated neighborhood with a performance by Patti Smith. “We have as our backyard the sea,” said Smith, who bought a house in the Rockaways three weeks before the superstorm hit, the Huffington Post’s Kathleen Massara reports.


“The community that’s moved in here for the Renaissance of Rockaway has been terrific,” local resident Andrea Gidder told HuffPo. “They didn’t abandon us.”

MoMA PS1 director Klaus Biesenbach, another recently moved-in resident of the ocean-side community was on hand, and recalled strolling along the Rockaways’ boardwalk shortly before the hurricane hit.

Smith’s short set included an homage to the poet and artist William Blake, of whom she said: “He gave us a beautiful body of work but he was obscure in his time…and kept working. [This song] is a salute to the resiliency in all of us.”

Another highlight of the VW Dome 2’s inaugural programming is a very Easter-appropriate sculpture by the artist Terence Koh, “the future iz bigger than history” (2012, below), which proved popular with visitors of all ages at the egg-shaped pop-up pavilion.


— Benjamin Sutton

(All photos via MoMA PS1/Tumblr.)