Marriage Equality Profile Image Meme Spills Over Into Art History (UPDATED)


If you’ve logged onto Facebook lately — possibly also Google+, but who knows? — you’ve no doubt noticed that many of your friends have changed their profile pictures to some variation of the Human Rights Campaign‘s trademark “equal” symbol logo rendered in red and pink in support of marriage equality. What began as an expression of solidarity with Americans who are being deprived of their constitutional right to marry has quickly turned into a meme, and, as most memes do, it has begun to incorporate art historical references, from Mark Rothko (above) to Keith Haring and the week’s other major meme, Tilda Swinton asleep at MoMA — aka “Tildaing.” (UPDATE: Additional art historical iterations of this meme featuring works by Dan Flavin and Robert Irwin have been brought to our attention and added below.)


Above: Tilda Swinton sleeping on marriage equality.


Above: A Keith Haring homage for marriage equality.


Above: An anonymous street artist (perhaps Above?) who supports marriage equality.


Above: Dan Flavin shines for marriage equality (thanks for the tip, Stephen Truax!).


Above: Robert Irwin for marriage equality.

— Benjamin Sutton

(Images via BuzzFeed, Facebook.)