Jeb Bush on Bro George W.’s Dog Paintings: “He’s Doing it With a Vengeance”


Quizzed on his older brother — and former U.S. president — George W. Bush‘s recently revealed (and widely praised, except when denounced as fakes) paintings of dogs and himself, former Florida governor Jeb Bush told CNN that the two-term commander in chief had taken to his practice of pet portraiture with incredible zeal. “[H]e’s actually become a pretty good painter,” Bush told CNN’s Jake Tapper, according to the Daily Mail. “I’ll just admit that this was a surprise to me when I found this out about a year ago. And he’s doing it with a vengeance.”

“He’s like the most focused, disciplined guy,” Jeb continued. “To imagine being a former president and not having an opinion on anything over the last four years, anything? I mean, to have that discipline, to be respectful of the president that hasn’t been as respectful of him as he should have been, man, I could have never done that.”

Regardless of his cool-headed attitude toward his successor, George W. Bush has certainly caught the painting fever — his art teacher estimated he has made some 50 dog paintings — apparently began taking requests for pet portraits. “So if you’ve got a dog,” Jeb Bush told CNN, “I’m sure, based on your past relationship, he would like to paint it.”

Though Jeb Bush did not go on to reveal how much it might cost to commission George W. Bush to paint a portrait of one’s pet, we’re willing to bet that Barack Obama won’t be calling him anytime soon to inquire about a painting of Bo.

— Benjamin Sutton

(Image via Fox 5 Atlanta.)