Artist Joe Fig Makes Miniature Sculptures of Famous Artists Working in Their Studios


The artist Joe Fig creates meticulous dioramas of famous artists working in their studios, including Chuck Close (above), Jackson Pollock, Ross Bleckner, Malcolm Morley, Jasper Johns, Inka Essenhigh, Alex Katz (below), Constantin Brancusi, James Rosenquist, and, in a particularly meta piece, himself (at bottom). Fig, who also creates figurative paintings that he shows with Chelsea’s Cristin Tierney Gallery, pays attention to every detail, from the architecture of the artists’ studios, to paint splatters, furniture, and in some cases he even recreates the entire building where they work.


The studios he creates in miniature range from the messy — as in “Chuck Close: Summer 2004″ (2005), at top — to the pristine — see “Alex Katz 1992″ (2004), above — to the cozy and intimate, as in “Self Portrait 2007″ (2007, below). Check out Fig’s full series of studio sculptures here, and his series of sculptures portraying artists’ studio tables here.


— Benjamin Sutton

(Courtesy the artist, Cristin Tierney, )