Really Great Art Shows That Might Come Out of the LACMOCA Merger

If you are not yet familiar with the ongoing “Who will MOCA partner with because it obviously can’t take care of itself” saga of 2008-2013 — which was further advanced yesterday with the announcement that the troubled Los Angeles museum is mulling a partnership with the geographically undesirable National Gallery in Washington D.C., just days after fellow LA museum LACMA offered a merger proposal — you should first get caught up by reading through this amazing GIFumentary by freelance journalist Carolina Miranda, which explains the whole story. Alternatively, you could read the official versions over at the New York Times and the LA Times (but it will be less fun).

Now that everyone is caught up, let’s move on to more important things, like Los Angeles, I’m Yours‘s very good list of possible upcoming art shows in Los Angeles should MOCA actually take LACMA up on its merger offer (which it should because LACMA promised the downtown institution $100 million in fundraised endowment money and the National Gallery has offered… curatorial synergy or something). The LA culture blog spent a considerable amount of time coming up with the very creepy photoshopped image of MOCA director Jeffrey Deitch popping in at LACMA (above), and the probably satirical but not totally out of the question list of possible LACMOCA shows. These are the three highlights (we’d actually get on a plane to go see these, maybe):

Title: Drew Barrymore: A Retrospective
Logline: Using LACMA’s rich film archives and MOCA’s visual presentation at PLAY MOCA, the work of iconic Los Angeles artist Drew Barrymore will be celebrated. From Fifty First Dates to Barrymore Wine, the multi-talented modern Renaissance woman will be celebrated.

Title: Govan VS. Deitch: Death Match
Logline: Pinning the two museum heads against each other, Michael Govan and Jeffrey Deitch will switch their Director hats for Performance Art guises in a boxing scrimmage. Refereed by Marina Abramovic and on a ring constructed by Michael Heizer, you’ll watch the two beat each other up for the sake of art. Who will win? No one knows. (This said, Deitch will have one arm tied behind his back because Deitch can never win at anything in LA art.)

Title: Rebel
Logline: As you likely missed MOCA’s mounting of this show and because LACMA has Hollywood and the art world’s blessing to do art shows related to movies, James Franco’s Rebel will return for a six month stay at the current space the Kubrick show is in. It is anticipated that this will be the biggest show for LACMOCA.

Shane Ferro

(Image via Los Angeles, I’m Yours — and isn’t it the BEST?)