Get ‘Em While They’re Young: FLAG Launches Art History Classes for Infants

The Flag Art Foundation believes it is never too early to start familiarizing your child with the art and the art world, and its newest educational event series, “Baby Art History Program,” is meant to do just that. The program’s press release invites parents and grandparents of babies close to 12 months to attend free classes held one Saturday each month that will include visits to museums and artists’ studios in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

There is even mention of an artist’s talk and “back-room” tours. One can only hope these tiny art-worlders will appreciate and remember what the inside of today’s hottest art stars’ Bushwick studios look like. The goodie bag FLAG promises in order to entice aesthetically curious tykes will have a miniature Jeff Koons toy inside — sanctioned by the artist, of course.

If you or artistic baby is interested, the first class to register for is this Saturday, March 9, at 11am. Also, can we come with you?

— Alanna Martinez