Spotted: Adam Driver of “Girls” Shows Up at the Opening of Spring/Break


“I feel very uncultured,” Adam Driver, the actor best known for portraying love interest Adam Sackler on the HBO series “Girls,” told ARTINFO Tuesday night. We spotted him at the opening of SPRING/BREAK Art Show, the curator-driven Soho art fair that takes place inside a former elementary school, although he doesn’t claim to frequent “events like this.”

Driver’s particular interest in SPRING/BREAK, of which he is a beneficiary, came through fellow actress and Julliard graduate Joanne Tucker. She’s been a friend and collaborator of fair co-founder Andrew Gori since they met during their undergraduate studies at Bard College, and currently co-runs the charity foundation Arts in the Armed Forces with Driver. The two founded the organization at Julliard in 2008 to produce annual performing arts events, which in the past have included the likes of Jake Gyllenhaal and Susan Sarandon, for military personnel.

“I wanted to share characters and plays, scaled down to no sets, no costumes, no lights, and great actors, diverse in race and age, and hoped that those characters would resonate with a military audience,” said Driver, who served in the Marines before ultimately pursuing a career in acting. “They’re really similar worlds in the discipline and rigor of maintaining yourself, and looking after the people you’re around.”

— Janelle Zara

(Photo courtesy Arts in the Armed Forces; Photo by David Burnett.)