Banker-Turned-Artist Will Transform Trees Into Totems Outside the Armory Show

While we long ago listed what would be happening inside the Armory Show, ARTINFO is just now hearing whispers of what might go on outside the show — those peripheral shows, events, and stunts looking to capitalize on the mass of art world activity going on in a concentrated place. The weirdest thing we’ve heard so far is that career banker-turned-sculptor Marko Remec will be appropriating trees outside of the Armory’s Pier 94 and in front of C24 Gallery on 24th Street in Chelsea.

The week-long installation, “You Are Not The Boss Of Me (Tree Totem),” is part of an ongoing Totem series by the artist and will run from March 7-14. As befits a former banker, Remec’s “guerilla” tree art has been approved by the city parks department. We’re not exactly sure in what way Remec will be appropriating trees, but according to the press release, “the materials he utilizes in his art (wood, metal, paper and plastics) were his areas of expertise as a banker.”

Remec studied chemistry and art as an undergraduate, before going to business school and spending almost thirty years in finance. He left Lazard in 2007, where he had been a managing director doing mergers and acquisitions work — certainly a different sort of creative process than sculpting.

There will also be an opening reception for the tree works at C24 Gallery on March 7, according to the artist’s website.

Shane Ferro

(Image: Kianga Ellis)